Partnership and Power, Part 1: Key Virtue – Balance

Sandra Bloom and Sarah Yanosy explain how the misuse of power is the fundamental issue eroding our social health. Together with a guest, they discuss scalability of widespread political and economic change.

Episode Description

This first segment will focus on describing the “P” in PRESENCE: Partnership and Power. The problems we are facing today that erode social health are fundamentally about the misuse of Power. So, Dr. Bloom and Ms. Yanosy will look at what this use and misuse of power does to individuals and to groups and what the antidote is – democratic, participatory systems of self-governance based in partnership.

In the second and third segments, they will begin a more expansive conversation with their guest, Jared Yates Sexton, an American author, political analyst, and co-host of The Muckrake Podcast. They will look at how political power, religious indoctrination, and economic dominance are being weaponized to oppress and exploit people and how potential trauma-informed solutions to the abuse of political and economic power could make a positive change in our social health.


  • Jared Yates Sexton, American Author, Political Analyst, and Co-Host of The Muckrake Podcast

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