Lessons Learned

Sandra Bloom and Sarah Yanosy reflect on lessons learned from their guests and all the work they do to shift the paradigm of our current “traumatogenic” society. They emphasize the importance of understanding our individual and collective trauma in order to provoke widespread change, ending with a vision for a better future.

Episode Description

In this final episode of this series, Dr. Bloom and Ms. Yanosy will reflect on lessons learned from the various guests of the broadcast and how their work is changing the narrative of understanding about human nature and our history. The hosts will draw connections between human history and the persistent mental models that are so destructive to wellbeing. These mental models have resulted in a “traumatogenic” society, one that creates trauma for millions of people.

We can change that together as we develop clarity about individual, organizational, and social health. But to do that we are going to need to understand the ways in which we have all become “trauma-organized.”

So, we will end with a vision of a better future for the coming generations because, after all, it all starts with a dream.

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