Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the PRESENCE Program take to implement?

The minimum timeframe is 18 months for most organizations. In special situations or in larger organizations the process may be more involved and require more time.

Does PRESENCE offer a kick-off training and/or meeting that is in-person?

Yes. This can be added to your contract.

Can my organization view the PRESENCE training without coaching and certification?

Yes, if you wish your organization to be trauma-informed you can contract with us to take the on-line training only.

What is the cost of the PRESENCE Program?

The base model is $36,000 for the entire program, which includes all videos, power points, handouts, and regular coaching sessions with a PRESENCE consultant.

Can I take only one track of the on-line training?

Yes, as long as you take the introductory track as well as the track you are interested in.

Can we request additional coaching sessions if needed?

Yes. We can custom design a coaching process according to the needs of your staff or organization.

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