Emergence and Evolution: Where Do We Go From Here?

Sandra Bloom and Sarah Yanosy confront the inevitability of loss and the temptation to repeat the past as they explore the processes of change within individuals and groups. Guests discuss defining and recovering from Complex PTSD as well as fostering trauma-informed and meaningful conversations with those who feel voiceless in our current social climate.

Episode Description

In the first segment, Dr. Bloom and Ms. Yanosy look at the possibilities for Emergence and Evolution to support social health in our individual and group lives. This requires articulating clearer descriptions of what health and healing look like and how change happens for individuals and for groups. The concept of a “biocracy” may enable us to further a vision for living, self-organizing, and healthier organizations and systems.

In the second segment, Dr. Christine Courtois, who has played a critical role in describing “Complex PTSD” as one of the founders of the field of traumatic stress studies, will describe what she has seen change and what she sees emerging in the future.

In the third segment, Jared Yates Sexton, author and political analyst, will return and will be accompanied by Jesse Kohler, Executive Director of the Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice. Together they are developing a strategy for de-radicalizing the discourse that has come to characterize American society through trauma-informed, compassionate, and meaningful conversations with individuals and groups who feel voiceless in the current social climate.


  • Dr. Christine Courtois, PhD, ABPP, Counseling Psychologist, Consultant/Trainer on Trauma Psychology and Treatment
  • Jared Yates Sexton, American Author, Political Analyst, Co-Host of The Muckrake Podcast
  • Jesse Kohler, Executive Director for Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice

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