Embodiment and Enactment: Actions Speak Louder than Words

Sandra Bloom and Sarah Yanosy explain the importance of embodying and enacting dynamics that support engagement and connection for our social health. With guests, they engage in conversation regarding trauma therapies that utilize embodiment and enactment for healing individuals and communities.

Episode Description

In the first segment, Dr. Bloom and Ms. Yanosy assert that embodying and enacting dynamics that support engagement and connection are imperative to achieving social health in ourselves and our communities. We have all heard the phrase since childhood, “actions speak louder than words” and in this segment we will look at why that is the case and what leaders need to do to keep information and knowledge flowing throughout an organization .We will also look at the astonishingly powerful and puzzling dynamic of reenactment, particularly traumatic reenactment – the compulsive need to repeat the past

In the second segment, our guest will be psychiatrist Dr. Lyndra Bills, who works as Senior Medical Director for Community Care Behavioral Health. She will talk about training and practice experiences which have highlighted the importance of using nonverbal methods to address traumatic stress. Clinical experiences using Trauma Art Narrative Therapy (TANT) as well as other nonverbal therapies will be explored.

In the third segment, Dr. Scott Giacomucci will detail how he uses trauma-informed psychodrama as a way of helping people enact new strategies in the process of healing at the Phoenix Center. Accompanying him will be David McCorkle, whose life first as a Broadway actor, and then as a social worker, inspires his individual therapeutic work as well as his community-based work at the Center for Trauma Resilient Communities to embody the concept of “actions speak louder than words.”


  • Dr. Lyndra Bills, Psychiatrist, Senior Medical Director for Community Care Behavioral Health
  • Dr. Scott Giacomucci, Director, Founder, and Owner of the Phoenix Center
  • David McCorkle, Social Worker, Former Broadway Actor

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