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Changing your organizational trauma lens through Creating PRESENCE

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Protects clients

Clients who are exhibiting behaviors are often labeled or diagnosed without an understanding that many social disorders are a result of adversity and past traumatic events.

These symptoms can best be understood with a trauma lens that recognizes the complex impact of trauma and other forms of adversity on the brain.

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Supports staff

Helping trauma-impacted children and adults is a difficult job that has secondary traumatic effects on staff which can lead to high staff turnover. A systematic trauma lens can help staff have greater confidence in their effectiveness with their clients and provides them with personal tools for self-care.

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Strengthens your organization

Organizations that care for trauma-impacted individuals are often overwhelmed, under-resourced, and extremely stressed. Like any other living organism, organizations need to preserve its own existence. That requires policies, practices, and internal processes that promote trauma-resilience and inspires the mission and vision of the organization.

Description of the

What is Creating PRESENCE?

Creating PRESENCE is a new online organizational and clinical approach for creating trauma-informed, trauma-responsive and trauma-resilient organizations.

The objectives of Creating PRESENCE

The PRESENCE Model provides everyone in an organization with some basic knowledge about trauma, adversity and stress and advances the emergence of trauma-informed values, knowledge, practice and skills.

The unique benefits of the PRESENCE Model

It is cost-effective, it gives control of the process to your organization, and there is self-help available by trained PRESENCE coaches. The success will be determined by the extent of the organizational commitment and alignment.

The PRESENCE Acronym

PRESENCE is an acronym for linked guiding values that consistently undergird and inform practice:
Partnership and Power, Reverence and Restoration, Emotional Wisdom and Empathy, Safety and Social Responsibility, Embodiment and Enactment, Nature and Nurture, Culture and Complexity, Emergence and Evolution.

The learned skills of PRESENCE

Each set of values is associated with a knowledge base and a set of universally applied tools that are designed in sequence to provide: brain regulation skills, communication tools, group engagement tools, and complexity management skills.

The PRESENCE Approach and Tracks

PRESENCE Implementation uses a hybrid approach, depending largely on distance learning and web-based consultation in order to make the adoption of this approach cost-effective. An Introductory Course will help get all staff on the same page.

Introduction to PRESENCE

This is a 5-part series.

How you create

1. Contact

Contact your PRESENCE educational specialist. Getting in touch is as easy as filling out the form below!

2. Schedule

Schedule a phone discovery interview during which time PRESENCE will conduct a needs assessment.

3. Contract

PRESENCE staff will create a proposal and contract for educational services based on your needs.

4. Create PRESENCE

Upon execution of your contract and receipt of downpayment you will receive Your PRESENCE Toolkit.  You can now Create PRESENCE!


How long does the PRESENCE Program take to implement?
The minimum timeframe is 18 months for most organizations. In special situations or in larger organizations the process may be more involved and require more time.
Can my organization view the PRESENCE training without coaching and certification?
Yes if you wish your organization to be trauma-informed you can contract with us to take the on-line training only.
Can I take only one track of the on-line training?
Yes as long as you take the introductory track as well as the track you are interested in.
Can we request additional coaching sessions if needed?
Yes. We can custom design a coaching process according to the needs of your staff or organization.
Does PRESENCE offer a kick-off training and/or meeting that is in-person?
Yes. This can be added to your contract.
What is the cost of the PRESENCE Program?
The base model is $36,000 for the entire program which includes all videos, power points, handouts, and regular coaching sessions with a PRESENCE consultant.
What is the contact information if I want to engage the PRESENCE Program or want more information?
You can email us at or call 215-583-3619.


Marymound is profoundly grateful to be a pilot site to implement Dr. Bloom’s PRESENCE model. We understand that it is a deep organizational journey of learning and shifting practices.
Nancy Parker
CEO - Marymound
Marymound has always strived to be trauma-informed. When we were given the opportunity to work with Dr. Bloom and Ms. Yanosy on piloting a new organizational model that went beyond trauma- informed care to becoming trauma-responsive and ultimately trauma-resilient, we jumped.
Dawn Isaac
Senior Manager of Training & Special Projects - Marymound

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Our Clients

Marymound – Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada

Marymound provides care for children, youth and families who need support as they face the challenges of growing, learning and parenting. Through culturally diverse care in safe living environments, individual relationships, academic preparation, therapeutic intervention and advocacy, Marymound supports Manitoba children and their families to reach their fullest potential and independence.