Your organization can become a healthy biocracy

In a world with trauma, adversity, and mental health deficits, organizations are feeling the effects everywhere.

A healthy biocratic environment:

  • values human elements that characterize organizations
  • creates values that are solution-based and supportive
  • teaches new skills to leadership and staff

This new model will help your organization develop and become a safe, productive, and values-aligned biocracy.

Your organization can become trauma informed and responsive to the needs of your staff and clients.

For more information on Dr. Bloom’s research on biocratic systems;

A Biocratic Paradigm: Exploring the Complexity of Trauma-Informed Leadership and Creating Presence

Creating Presence™ is a new, online educational program for organizations as a method for creating and supporting the development of biocratic, trauma-informed organizations.

How does Creating Presence change your organizational culture?​

  1. Coaching for Cultural Change
  2. Equipping Leaders and Team Members
  3. Creating Long-Term Organizational Health


Implementation Process

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